Driven Post Installation

A Traditional Look With the Strength of Steel

Learn about our driven fence post installations, available in Pace & Pensacola, FL

You don't need to choose between a durable fence and a beautiful design. Now you can combine the timeless beauty of wood with the enduring strength of steel. Gentry Farmhouse offers driven fence post installations in Pace, Pensacola FL and beyond.

For this type of fence installation, we'll drive 10-foot, 6-inch galvanized steel pipes 6 feet into the ground. Then we'll surround them with wood posts to create the look of a standard wooden fence.

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4 reasons to choose a driven post fence

4 reasons to choose a driven post fence

Structural integrity isn't the only reason to choose driven post fencing. This type of fence installation is:

  1. Quick: A driven fence post installation is faster than excavating the land and setting posts in concrete.
  2. Less disruptive: Because there's no digging or heavy machinery, we won't make a mess of your yard.
  3. Durable: The metal cores will flex - but not break - in hurricane-strength winds.
  4. Low-maintenance: Unlike wood, metal posts won't warp, rot or need to be replaced.

Get the exceptional durability and rust resistance of galvanized steel without ruining the charm of your exterior with a bare metal fence. Schedule your fence installation in Pace, FL now.